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Charlotte Grierson

Lace and Gauze Weaves Workshop

Lace and Gauze Weaves Workshop

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Lace and Gauze Weaves is a 2 day workshop taught by Charlotte Grierson and held at Cockpit in Deptford. 

Woven lace or gauze structures can be used to create open fabrics for artwork or for more functional pieces such as a window blind. This workshop aims to explore the range of structures; and how to use them. It will include bead Leno and doup Leno, explaining how to set them up and comparing their differences, possibilities and limitations. The aim will be to build your understanding and confidence, and to inspire you to go on and use them for your own weaving projects.

During the workshop you will cover topics such as:

  • simple and more complex patterns using lace 
  • understanding lace drafts
  • comparing the different lace and gauze weaves
  • identifying and designing repeat patterns
  • profile drafts; understanding and using
  • bead and doup leno
  • opportunities and limitations

Working on looms set up with a range of different warps and threadings you will be able to look at the breadth of options for lace and gauze weave structures. With handouts to help you and exercises to develop your understanding you will build your confidence to explore a range of options.

To conclude the workshop we will evaluate the samples range of you have woven and identify the characteristics and opportunities relating lace and gauze weaves and what you need to consider when weaving them.

You will take home:

  • handouts
  • your own notes and paperwork
  • samples you have woven.

Charlotte Grierson has an MA in Textiles and is a handweaver with over 20 years of experience. She designs and makes her own functional and art-led work from her studio at Cockpit in Deptford. She also has over 14 years of experience of teaching practical weaving classes. 

All materials are included.

Dates and details:

This 2 day workshop will run on: 

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July 2024

Wednesday 24th July & Thursday 25th July 2024

Times: 10am-4/4.30pm each day.

For more information do email me via the form on my contact page.

If you would like to do this workshop but the are unable to do these dates please email.

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